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Master of Science Geomatics

Geomatics – for the built environment

Geomatics is a relatively new science concerned with the analysis, acquisition, management, and visualisation of geographic data with the aim of gaining knowledge and better understanding of the built and natural environments. It is also a broad-based and interdisciplinary field of study. Geomatics remote sensing techniques give us the ability to measure and observe our environment and especially the features that are beyond the capability of the human eye. Geomatics data management and analysis techniques allow us to turn these measurements into useful information and knowledge with which we can identify patterns, track feature behaviour over time and predict the future state. To do this, Geomatics combines knowledge of Mathematics, Computer Science, Geodesy, and 3D modelling. The field of Geomatics can be applied to a wide range of (research) fields such as Hydrology, Crisis Management, Serious Gaming and Simulation, Urban Planning, and Land Administration.

What you will learn

The Master’s programme in Geomatics provides you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to develop better solutions for solving real-world problems in an innovative way. You will become an expert in solving a myriad of challenges in the industrial, governmental, and research sectors related to the use and production of geospatial information. You will become proficient in quickly analysing the needed geospatial information, performing the required processing and analysis steps, and producing an appealing visualisation/presentation of your solutions.

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