Petroleum Engineering

Course objective

The Petroleum Engineering specialisation includes all aspects of the upstream petroleum industry from reservoir geology to drilling techniques and the economic evaluation of projects. The main objective is to teach students to integrate knowledge of the different petroleum engineering fields (reservoir engineering, petrophysics, drilling and production engineering, production geology, geophysics) so that they can manage the development of an oil or gas field. Students are trained to think critically and innovatively and can build an excellent basis for a career in research or industry.

Focus in research and education

The Petroleum Engineering Section runs a strong theoretical and experimental research programme and collaborates closely with the geophysics, petrophysics and geology groups. The current research concentrates on fundamental aspects of the flow of fluids in the reservoir and the near wellbore region and related topics from groundwater hydrology. The section focuses on five broad research themes:

  • Fluid flow modelling honouring multi-scale geological heterogeneity;
  • Smart wells, conformance control and inflow performance;
  • Placement and injectivity of fluids and chemical treatments;
  • Hydraulic fracturing;
  • Groundwater flow and subsurface environmental control.

These themes are reflected in the MSc programme. The first year is devoted to fundamental subjects (hydrocarbon properties, rock-fluid interaction, numerical mathematics) and basic disciplines (reservoir, drilling and production engineering, geophysics, petrophysics, geology). The second year starts with a field development project worth six credits, which integrates the knowledge gained in the first year. There is also room for elective subjects. The research for the thesis takes eight months. The course places a strong emphasis on multi-disciplinary work and the integration of engineering and geoscience. A significant part of the programme is dedicated to underlying theory so that our alumni will be equipped for tomorrow’s problems as well as today’s.

You will find our graduates in the oil and gas industry, contracting and engineering firms, operations and finance, and petroleum-related sectors all over the world. A number of them enrol in PhD programmes at international universities.

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