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Solar boat

Delft Outlook 2006 no. 4

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Seven hundred grand will get you one, the world’s first solar-powered speedboat. In May the first potential customers can take it for a spin. Maritime engineering students Nils Beers and David Czap unveiled their craft late last year at the Millionaire Fair. As the white sheet was lifted, a ten metre long, black carbon-fibre boat was revealed. Fourteen square metres of deckmounted solar panels provide the power to propel the vessel at up to 55 kilometres per hour.

Beers and Czap got the idea of developing a luxury solar-powered speedboat after winning a solarpowered boat race in Friesland last year. They don’t consider themselves environmentalists, but, as Beers says: “Something will have to be done. I was given a BMW 760 to drive on the days preceding the Millionaire Fair. That’s hardly a green car, but once you’re used to a fantastic car like that, you won’t go looking for a Toyota Prius.” The company’s aim therefore is to combine sustainability with luxury.

They are still waiting for their first buyer. They don’t think there’s much of a chance of it being a Dutchman. “Statistically speaking, there are only four private buyers for this boat in the whole of Holland.” So, instead, they are looking for prospective customers in France and the Middle East.


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