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Shipping Management

The ultimate goal of a ship is virtually never the technology itself: The ultimate goal of a ship owner is to earn money with the vessel, i.e. the ship owner wants to maximize profit. However, there is a strong relationship between the technical specifications of a ship, its intended operational profile and its ability to earn money.

In order to understand and quantify these interrelations, and to optimize the specifications of the ship as well as the way it is used, extensive knowledge is required of both the technical, commercial and logistical aspects of ships. The Shipping Management specialisation teaches students all these aspects and the relationships among them.

What you will learn
In this specialisation, specific attention is directed to the business environment, including activities such as the operation of a ship in a competitive environment, project management, related financial and legal issues and logistics. At the same time, students acquire a fundamental understanding of the technical aspects of ships by means of courses dealing with ship design and the equipment on board modern ships.

Graduation projects
The majority of master theses are carried out with national and international shipping companies, shipyards or banks, and/ or within the context of larger (European) projects.





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