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Ir. J.F.J Pruyn
T: +31 15 278 6840

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Ship Production

Ships are highly complex products, which are made up of a large multitude of systems and subsystems. These are in turn all designed and produced by different companies or groups of specialists. Not only is it a major challenge to bring all these technical aspects together into a single product, but the challenge of smoothly and efficiently coordinating these design and engineering processes is further complicated by the fact that many of the parties have their own commercial interests.

These challenges do not end with the design of the ship, but continue during its physical production. During all these phases, work is executed under intense time pressure. These issues are at the heart of the field of ship production and, as such, they constitute a major part of what students in the Ship Production specialisation study.

What you will learn
In this specialisation, specific attention is paid to management of shipbuilding projects and shipyard operations in a competitive environment, and the financing of shipbuilding activities. At the same time attention is paid to the technical systems on board and other design-related aspects of ships.



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