Austi Emiliano (La Spezia, Italy)
Student of Maritime Technology, Specialisation: Ship Production

"The MSc Programme in Marine Technology is an excellent follow-up to my Italian BSc."

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Tuesday 10 February 2009 from 12.30 - 13.30 h. (lunch included)


OTB Research Institute (main meeting room, ground floor)


Peter van Oosterom (OTB) & Hendrik Ploeger (OTB)


OTB  Research Institute (programme GIS Technology)


4D Cadastres: first analysis of legal, technical and organisational impact – with a case study on utility networks



About the joint SUA project:
The increasing complexity of modern world requires that cadastres need an improved capacity to manage the third dimension. As the world is per definition not static, there also will be future needs in relation to the representation of the temporal (fourth) dimension either integrated with the spatial dimensions or as separate attribute(s). In this presentation, registration of utility networks in cadastre are considered in this 3D+time (=4D) context. A number of countries in the world have developed solutions to register utility networks complying with their legal, organisational and technical structure. Different approaches of three countries (Turkey, The Netherlands and Queensland, Australia) are analysed to evaluate a solution that matches legal, technical and cadastral requirements in the most optimal way. Based on this analyse a conceptual model is proposed and a case from the Netherlands is presented based on a 3D geometry data type with separate temporal attributes.

Time schedule:
12:30 - 13.00: Presentation by Peter van Oosterom & Hendrik Ploeger
13:00 - 13.30: Discussion chaired by Marjolein Spaans (coordinator of Delft Centre for Sustainable Urban Areas)

Here you find an dutch copy of the proposal.

Please reply to Elianne van Deurzen (E.J.M.H.vanDeurzen@tudelft.nl) before 4 February 2009 if you want to participate in the colloquium. Replies are necessary for the number of lunches. 

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