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Real Estate Management

Our society is constantly changing. The demand for and supply of real estate change along with it. How do you match that demand and supply as to quantity and quality, as to the long term and the short term? Quite often, the wish has already changed even before plans are implemented and buildings completed. Clients, designers, consultants, users and managers are to decide without having any certainties. Scenario thinking helps to cope with uncertainties. The specialisation of Real Estate Management deals with planning, developing, acquiring, managing and selling real estate. The demand for real estate relates to three levels of scale: society, organisation and individual. Supply also relates to various levels of scale: area, stock, building and space. Real Estate Management is about defining demand, developing a concept, preparing programmes of requirements, matching existing supply with demand and managing and (re)developing real estate. It is essential to have a sound balance between costs and benefits. For properly carrying out this work, you need to understand the real estate market.

Graduation profile

At Real Estate Management, you can choose from two graduation profiles:

  • Corporate Real Estate Management: developing and managing real estate for professional private real estate users.
  • Public Real Estate Management: developing and managing real estate for public authorities.

Once you have graduated

After you graduate in Real Estate Management, you can start working as, for example, a real estate manager, an accommodation consultant, a process manager, a policy-making official with profit organisations or non-profit organisations or other positions in the construction and real estate sector where technology and management come together.


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